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5 Reasons to Download the Free BCC+Looks

2 minute read

Nick Harauz shares why the Final Cut Pro community should start using the plugin today.

Earlier this year, we released a free powerful color correction tool exclusively for Final Cut Pro editors called BCC+ Looks. Now I get it...In a world of free stuff everywhere, there may be some skepticism around what, if anything, this free plugin does.

So here are 5 reasons why I believe if you're a Final Cut Pro user, you should add Looks to your toolkit.

FX Editor Presets for BCC+ Looks

#1 Presets

Looks ships with 70+ Presets that expand your Final Cut color correction arsenal. Simply apply the effect and click on the FX Editor in the Inspector to choose from them. This brings us to...

#2 The FX Editor 

Yes, that wonderful space where you can choose — and even save presets — also allows you to take screenshots, compare the original clip vs the applied effect, tweak the effect properties, and gives you a Histogram to boot.

#3 Grain & Diffusion

Looks extends the capabilities of FCP's color inspector itself by giving you the the ability to add realistic grain and beautiful diffusion looks to your shots. You can even dial in grain specifically to a color channel for maximum control. 

#4 Built-In Mocha 

It's kinda crazy that BCC+Looks includes Mocha. Not only can you mask and track your effect precisely using Mocha's award-winning planar technology, but you can also use Looks to create Mocha cutouts. Check out this quick tip for more info.

Creating a trackable Mocha Mask in Final Cut Pro

#5 Cross Platform Workflows

In BCC+ Looks, not only can you save your own presets, but you can also share them with an editor or mograph artist working with Continuum in any host we support. 

Before and After of a Looks Effect

That's it! As you can see, BCC+Looks is a powerful, free, robust plugin guaranteed to add production value to your Final Cut Pro workflow. 

So what are you waiting for? Download BCC+ Looks today!

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