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Artist Profile

Why I 🖤 Optics: Diala, Macro Photographer

3 minute read

How the Lebanese photographer uses particles, lens flares, lights, color grades, and more to unleash her creativity inside Photoshop.

Artist Profile

Ask the Artist with Tennille Uithof, Editor

4 minute read

The Emmy-nominated editor shares how she got her start, which Sapphire effects she uses to create looks, and why we should redefine success.

Product News

Q & A with the CrumplePop Team

5 minute read

Co-founder Gabe Cheifetz chats about the history of CrumplePop, why they made the move to audio plugins, and how they are using AI.

Product News

Now Available: Mocha Pro 2023

1 minute read

Conquer advanced visual effects and rotoscoping tasks faster with new user-friendly motion tracking tools.

Product News

Now Available: Silhouette 2023

2 minute read

Revolutionize how you paint with integrated Stable Diffusion models! Plus, an ML-powered denoise node, Primatte keying, expressions, and new VFX.

Product News

Sapphire: 2023.5 Update

2 minute read

Simplify your workflow with new parameter linking (!), quick search, favorites, 25+ new Builder presets, and new lens flares.

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