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The Beauty of Prey's Editing

6 minute read

Top 10 quotes from Angela Catanzaro, ACE, on what it was like working on the Predator prequel, the role of silence in visual mediums, and more.


The Tension-Filled Editing of Thirteen Lives

4 minute read

Top 10 quotes from James Wilcox, ACE, on the documentary style of director Ron Howard's latest film and capturing the urgency of the rescue mission.

Product News

New! Continuum FCP Units

2 minute read

Meet the Color Essentials, Stylize, and Transitions Units now available to Final Cut Pro users. Affordable plugin packs, no subscriptions.

Artist Profile

Emmys 2022 Round-Up

10 minute read

Editors and VFX artists chat about what it means to be nominated, teamwork, using Boris FX tools, and more.

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