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Product News

NAB 2024: Mocha Pro Wins Product of the Year

3 minute read

The new 2024 release is honored for its achievement in delivering fast 3D tracking to the broader visual effects, mograph, and compositing community.


Viva NAB 2024!

4 minute read

Meet the team, what's new in the Boris FX Suite (hint: AI tools, 3D camera solving & more), and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming releases!

Artist Profile

Oscars 2024: Round-Up

3 minute read

Visual effects artists and editors give you an inside look at their work on Academy Award-nominated films.


Oscars 2023: Round-Up

3 minute read

Go behind the scenes with editors and visual effects artists from this year's Academy Award-nominated films.

Artist Profile

Emmys 2022 Round-Up

10 minute read

Editors and VFX artists chat about what it means to be nominated, teamwork, using Boris FX tools, and more.


The Invisible Art of Roto

15 minute read

Get an in-depth look at rotoscoping — what it is and why it's important, best practices, and what the future holds with AI technology.

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