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NAB 2024: Mocha Pro Wins Product of the Year

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The new 2024 release is honored for its achievement in delivering fast 3D tracking to the broader visual effects, mograph, and compositing community.

Step right up to the spotlight, folks — Mocha Pro 2024 just snagged the Best Product of the Year Award at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas! We couldn’t be more proud of the Mocha product team who made this all happen with a groundbreaking release packed with amazing new features.

"Mocha Pro 2024 is one of the most significant releases in the history of the product, making high-quality 3D camera solving accessible to a wide range of creators,” says John-Paul Smith, CEO of Imagineer Systems. “It’s fantastic to be back at NAB and for the hard work and innovation of the Mocha team to be recognised with a Product of the Year award.”

"We are absolutely thrilled that Mocha Pro 2024 has been recognized as the Best Product of the Year at the NAB Show," says Boris Yamnitsky, Founder and CEO of Boris FX. "This award reflects the whole Boris FX team’s effort and commitment to consistent innovation and excellence in the visual effects industry. It's a true honor to see our efforts embraced by the community this way."

boris-fx-team-at-nabBoris FX team at NAB (L-R): Nick Rodrigues, Nick Harauz, Elizabeth Postol, Brian Fox, Ben Brownlee, and J-P Smith 

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What's New in Mocha Pro 2024

  • 3D Tracking & Camera Solve: Simplified matchmoves for compositing, animation, and motion graphics creation.
  • Advanced Tracking & Roto Tools: Handle tasks more efficiently with options to skip or step over frames and more.
  • Faster Performance: Save tons of time with major render speed increases & improved tracking accuracy.
  • Work How You Want: USD exports & greater AE host integration.

Get Started with 3D Camera Solving

Automatically detect, analyze, and solve 3D cameras with the speed of SynthEyes and the flexibility of Mocha Pro's award-winning planar tracking and interface. 

Top Camera Solve Tips

Discover how adding supervised feature trackers, creating 3D meshes from PowerMesh, and using garbage masks to exclude certain areas will help you get your best solve.  

Easy Matchmoves in After Effects

Learn how to get 3D tracking data out of Mocha Pro and into After Effects as Ben Brownlee guides you through the simple process. Plus, a look at sample workflows including adding 3D elements and realistic lighting. 

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