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Press Release

Boris FX Adds Exciting New VFX Effects and Transitions to Continuum 2023

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The post-production industry’s most comprehensive plugin collection delivers top creative tools to Adobe, Avid, Final Cut Pro, and OFX workflows.

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A — October 27, 2022 — Continuum 2023 meets the fast-paced project demands of video editors, VFX artists, and content creators. Boris FX’s original flagship suite now features over three hundred effects, over forty transitions, and more than five thousand drag-and-drop presets to jumpstart creativity. Host applications include Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Foundry Nuke, and VEGAS Pro.

“It’s more important than ever to produce high-quality results quickly as content needs explode across film and TV, streaming, and social platforms. Continuum 2023 is here to help with hundreds of new professionally designed presets, ten new transitions, a new Atmospheric Glow effect, and more,” says Boris Yamnitsky, president and founder of Boris FX. “Continuum 2023 also contains multiple under-the-hood updates that ensure that time-strapped users work at their most efficient. New onscreen controls significantly speed up effect customization, and a revamped Particle Illusion interface makes creating 3D particle animations easier than ever before.”

FilmGlow_AtmosphericGlowContinuum 2023: New Atmospheric Glow Effect

What’s New

The BCC+Atmospheric Glow effect delivers instant drama, mystery, or nostalgia on otherwise flat scenes. The multi-faceted glow effect produces photoreal results and includes automatic flicker, lens textures, rays, and smoke options.

The Transitions Unit adds 10 wipes, rolls, and swishes to give editors a rapidly expanding cutting toolkit. Includes BCC+FilmRoll, BCC+SwishPan, BCC+SwishPrism, BCC+SwishGlow, BCC+SwishWarp, BCC+LinearWipe, BCC+RadialWipe, BCC+RectangleWipe, BCC+VignetteWipe, and BCC+TextureWipe.

Particle Illusion features a significant performance boost with combined calculation and render speed increases of up to 50% depending on OS, hardware, and project specifics. An upgraded interface provides a simplified user experience with easy-to-understand property controls. Additional functionality includes improved 3D model handling. 

Continuum’s popular BCC+FilmGlow effect adds a secondary glow option that enables users to generate multiple independent glows with full control over each element.

Title Studio adds support for Blackmagic Resolve on Mac and improved handling of missing fonts when moving titles and templates between platforms.

The BCC+Light effect, which includes over 800 presets, adds a seamless texture option with wrap and reflect properties.

Continuum 2023 adds 250+ presets to the versatile plugin collection. The curated presets can be used as it or easily customized based on project needs.

BCC+ filters and transitions are GPU-accelerated on Apple M1, Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics processors, and certain effects can see up to a 50% performance improvement over previous versions.

ParticleIllusion1Continuum 2023: Particle Illusion


Continuum is available as a collection of plugins with monthly/annual subscription options, upgrade & support plans, and permanent licenses.

Multi-Host Options

Option #1 (Adobe, Avid, FCP, OFX) Option #2 (Adobe, FCP, OFX)
Upgrades start at $695 Upgrades start at $395
Annual subscription: $695 Annual subscription: $395
Monthly subscription: $87 Monthly subscription: $50
Permanent license: $1995 Permanent license: $1295

Individual Host Options

Adobe Avid OFX FCP*
Upgrades start at $295 Upgrades start at $495 Upgrades start at $195 Upgrades start at $195
Annual subscription: $295 Annual subscription: $495 Annual subscription: $195 Annual subscription: $195
Monthly subscription: $37 Monthly subscription: $62 Monthly subscription: $25 Monthly subscription: $25
Permanent license: $995 Permanent license: $1695 Permanent license: $695 Permanent license: $295

*View the Continuum FCP product page to learn what’s included.

Customers on current subscriptions or upgrade & support plans receive Continuum 2023 as a free update. Learn more about Continuum.


Download Continuum 2023 imagery
Continuum 2023: What's New (video)
Continuum 2023: Particle Illusion Updates (video)


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Jessie Electa Petrov
Director of Marketing, Boris FX

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