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Boris FX Releases Affordable Final Cut Pro Plugin Units

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Continuum FCP Units are now available to content creators in three categories — Color Essentials, Stylize, and Transitions — for only $59.

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A — September 8, 2022 — The award-winning team at Boris FX delivers Hollywood-ready effects to Final Cut Pro users with three new low-cost Continuum FCP Units. The Color Essentials Unit, Stylize Unit, and Transitions Unit are based on the most popular categories included in the full Continuum FCP suite. 

The Units feature a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for content creators, DIY filmmakers, and broadcast TV editors and artists to add effects to projects. Each effect is GPU-accelerated, supports Apple’s native M1 technology, and is HDR-compliant, delivering a speedy workflow with high-end results. Additionally, a custom FX Editor allows users to browse presets in seconds or tweak and save with just a few clicks.

Final Cut Pro users who purchase the Color Essentials Unit or Stylize Unit also gain access to built-in Mocha, the Academy Award-winning planar tracking and masking tools favored by top film and TV artists. 

Color Essentials Unit

BleachBypass_landscapeColor Essentials Unit, Two-Strip Color Effect (download image)

  • 8 robust effects with 750+ professionally designed presets
  • Color correction and image toning filters
  • Looks development and grading tools
  • Film stock emulsion and grain emulation filters
  • Wratten™ Optical photo filters and gels

Stylize Unit

VideoGlitch (1)Stylize Unit, Video Glitch Effect (download image)

  • 9 curated effects with 950+ professionally designed presets
  • Video Glitch, Grunge, and Damage TV effects
  • Light Leaks and Glows
  • Blurs and Prismatic effects
  • Volumetric alpha or luma-driven Light Rays

Transitions Unit

TransitionsUnit_Thumb1Transitions Unit, Prism Dissolve (download image)

  • 15 drag and drop transitions with 100s of professionally designed presets 
  • Blur Dissolve, Camera Shake Dissolve, Channel Blur Dissolve, Crash Zoom Dissolve, Cross Zoom Dissolve, Directional Blur Dissolve, Dissolve, Film Glow Dissolve, Light Leaks Dissolve, Multi-Star Dissolve, Prism Dissolve, Rack Focus Dissolve, Rays Dissolve, Spin Blur Dissolve, and Video Glitch Dissolve
  • Color Correction group: Allows users to develop push-to-white or dip-to-black looks over the transition effect or to make general color adjustments to the transition.
  • Motion Blur option: Produces a more photorealistic rendered result. Boost Motion is a unique option that amps up the blur fast. 


Continuum FCP Units are available as permanent licenses with plugin host application support for FCP and Motion.

  • Color Essentials Unit: $59.00
  • Stylize Unit: $59.00
  • Transitions Unit: $59.00

Learn more about Continuum FCP Units.


Download Continuum FCP Units imagery
Continuum FCP: Color Essentials Unit (video)
Continuum FCP: Stylize Unit (video)
Continuum FCP: Transitions Unit (video)


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Jessie Electa Petrov
Director of Marketing, Boris FX

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