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Why I 🖤 CrumplePop: Paul Diaz, Video Editor

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How the post-industry vet uses advanced AI audio plugins to easily remove noise, echo, reverb, and wind right inside his editing workflows.

Paul Diaz is an Emmy Award-winning producer/editor with over 25 years of experience in video and post-production. The former NBC/Universal editor now runs his own content creation company, P23 Productions, Inc, and has had a passion for audio since his early years as a DJ. 

He consistently leverages his skills in recording and processing audio and applies them to storytelling across all his projects — live entertainment, news broadcasts, documentaries, social, and digital. Find out why he turns to CrumplePop AI-powered plugins to tackle common audio issues.

paul_diaz_editorEditor Paul Diaz

Why did you first start using CrumplePop’s audio plugins? What host application do you use them in? 

I used to process all my audio repairs through Twistedwave, a Mac OS app that is simple to use yet powerful. Adding CrumplePop to Twistedwave made it much more powerful and effective when repairing audio. Later, I found CrumplePop so effective and easy that I would just use the plugins directly in the editing app that I was working in. I edit on most apps from Avid Media Composer, to Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and FCPX. 

How does having access to CrumplePop’s plugins help streamline your overall workflow? 

Having CrumplePop function directly in my editing apps allows me to focus on the edit while still giving me the powerful tools I need to repair and address audio issues. 

What type of audio issues do you turn to CrumplePop to help eliminate? Which tools do you rely on most?

I usually use CrumplePop to address issues with noise, echo/room reverb, wind, and crackling when unforeseen circumstances present themselves. 

I find myself using AudioDenoise and EchoRemover the most. Those seem to be the most common issues I come across. I’d say WindRemover would be the third most.

It’s common to have room tone and reverb invade audio interviews based on the location of the shoot. I remember working on a project for NBC that was captured on phones because of budget restraints. Cleaning the audio with CrumplePop was the most effective solution.

CrumplePop’s tools are powered by AI tech. How does the advanced technology make the audio plugins stand out? 

What makes CrumplePop stand out above the rest is the combination of simplicity and effectiveness. It’s not 100 percent guaranteed that CrumplePop will always work but having them installed makes them the first ones I reach for because they work so often and allow me to continue working.

Before using CrumplePop, how did you hide/mask audio issues? 

Before CrumplePop, I used many different apps and plugins like Adobe Audition, plugins built into Premiere Pro, Waves, and iZotope.  

How much time does using CrumplePop tools save you? 

CrumplePop allows me to turn a few knobs and get the results I need. Some other apps make you sample audio or tinker with multiple settings to get good results. CrumplePop’s knobs and simple layout can fool you because what’s in that code can get some great results.

Why would you recommend CrumplePop to other video editors who deal with audio on a daily basis? 

I recommend CrumplePop based on my experience with the plugins, how easy they are to use, and how quickly you can get good results. Also, I like that Boris FX and CrumplePop offer both subscription and perpetual options. Options are always great.

What feature requests do you have for the CrumplePop team? 

Perhaps a host plugin or a multiFX plugin that offers multiple tools in one plugin. Just thinking of processing power and how to keep things smooth in post when editing 4K and higher, with added layers, VFX, and then AFX. 

As a video editor, do you use any other Boris FX products?

I own and use Continuum and Sapphire plugins for transitions and visual effects. I have not used Mocha Pro directly but have worked with graphic artists that do and love it. 

Learn more about CrumplePop and download the free Starter pack.

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