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Now Available! Silhouette 2022

3 minute read

The new release of the award-winning rotoscoping and paint tool adds Sapphire, Mocha Pro, Particle Illusion, and select Continuum VFX nodes.

Silhouette’s award-winning rotoscoping and paint just got way better. Gain access to new creative effect nodes and features for final VFX shot delivery.

Current customers: If you’re on a Silhouette subscription or upgrade & support plan, the 2022 release is a free update! Download the installer

New to Silhouette? View the full product page and download a 15-day free trial

Silhouette is available as a standalone application and/or Adobe/OFX plugin with a permanent license, upgrades, and annual/monthly subscription options. Buy Now

What's New in 2022

Ben Brownlee gives you a quick tour of the jam-packed update to the industry’s leading paint and roto plugin and application!

  • Packed with Effects: Now includes Sapphire, Particle Illusion, Beauty Studio, Magic Sharp, and more. Hundreds of nodes and thousands of presets! 
  • Mocha Pro & Tracking Improvements: Now includes the Mocha Pro node with a new surface tool, DOD, and more. 
  • InPaint & PowerMesh Warp: Powerful advanced compositing nodes. 
  • Faster speeds: Optimized M1 support & OCIO v2 color management.

Mocha and PowerMesh Warp

Save tons of time on invisible VFX tasks and streamline your workflow!

Apply the integrated Mocha Pro node to use PowerMesh, AdjustTrack, and more. New data connections, node actions, and PowerMesh Warp connects Mocha to native roto and paint.

More Compositing Tools

Get ready to finish your shots right inside Silhouette with 400+ effects and image processing nodes.

Learn how to relight a scene using Sapphire’s high-end lighting effects together with Particle Illusion and its massive preset library filled with dust, smoke, fire, explosions, and more.


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