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Why I 🖤 Optics: Diala, Macro Photographer

3 minute read

How the Lebanese photographer uses particles, lens flares, lights, color grades, and more to unleash her creativity inside Photoshop.

Diala has always loved the arts. The Lebanese photographer, whose day job involves security and safety, mainly focuses on the delicate beauty of macro photography and the occasional landscape.

She first discovered Boris FX Optics when it came bundled with her Wacom Intuos Pro M. Now, she relies on the plugin inside Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom (and the standalone application) to help bring her imagination to vivid life. Follow her on Twitter.

How did you get into photography?

My dream has always been to study the arts. I used to draw on fabrics and create designs on empty jars and bottles. However, due to some circumstances, I ended up studying philosophy. In 2018, a friend of mine, a street photographer named David Sladek, taught me a lot about cameras in general and how they function. I felt like my dream was calling me through another artistic method, so I got my first Canon camera that same year and took it from there.

Where do you draw creative inspiration from?

I see beauty everywhere. I always look for small details that are ignored by most people in general, and every time I shoot, I already have what I want the final results to be in my mind. 

I find these details mostly in the least expected places. I also get inspired when I see any beautiful shared artwork by many photographers/artists, even if it is not related to macro. 

IMG_5904Optics effects used: Smoke, Color Gradient, Blur, and Silk

Which Optics effects do you use most — and why?

I always use the particles, the lens flares, the light and optical filters, and the colour grading tools because I can see what is in my head/imagination in front of me on the screen while working on my project. 

How did you create effects like glows, lens flares, etc., before Optics? Have you used other photo plugins?

I used to create different layers in Photoshop, from colour grading to creating real light effects. Then I added them to the original file, which, most of the time, made me end up with big files. I have used DXO and Skylum as well.

If you could have only one Optics effect, which would it be?

This is hard to answer. I like them all. Please allow me to choose more than one: particles come first, then the lens and light effects.

_with-sky-49A5237Optics effects used: Particle Illusion, Light, Colorize, Polarizer, Diffusion, and Blur

What are your top reasons why photographers like yourself should use Optics?

It simply makes post-processing easier and helps you create more than you ever thought you could. I use it almost in every possible way :) 

What’s your best pro tip to artists new to Optics? 

Challenge yourself to discover the deepest and most beautiful parts of your imagination and let Optics shows you how far you can go and do with your photos. Just be patient ... After all, photography is art.

What’s your favorite project or image that you’ve ever worked on — and why?

The below image is my favourite for macro/flower photography because it was my first project using Optics. It was when I discovered how much I can and will be doing with it.

IMG_5907Optics effects used: Enhancing, multiple Lens effects including S_WarpPuddle

What feature requests do you have for the Boris FX Optics product designers? 

Honestly, Optics has it all. The more I use it, the more I discover.

Learn more about Optics and download a free trial.

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