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Next-Gen AI Tools Unveiled: Continuum and CrumplePop

2 minute read

The 2024 releases give editors and VFX artists AI-driven image restoration, Stability AI inside Particle Illusion, and major boosts on your audio.

Our team is excited to usher in a new era with the introduction of advanced AI-powered visual effects and audio plugins inside the Boris FX Suite product family!

The Continuum and CrumplePop 2024 releases mark the first step in what you can expect from us moving forward as we take a holistic approach to developing and training machine-learning models to best suit the needs of the post-production community. 

Already a customer? Continuum 2024 and CrumplePop 2024 are free updates if you're on an active corresponding annual/monthly subscription or upgrade & support plan! Download the Boris FX Hub and get the installers.

AI Image Perfection

Continuum 2024's new DeNoise ML effect offers a powerful one-click solution to your low light & compression woes. 

The new Continuum UpRes ML effect scales up any image of any size with superior results. 

AI Particle Fun

You can now use Stability AI to create your own custom sprites inside Continuum's Particle Illusion. Plus, we've added inherited velocity and 3D Lines. Design director John Dickinson shows you how to unlock endless creative possibilities.

Music You Can See

Continuum's new Audio Visualizer effect — found in the Time effect category — brings tunes to stunning life with 50+ motion graphics presets to get you started. Learn the basics, then dive deeper to create your own custom designs.

AI Audio Magic in Seconds

CrumplePop 2024 features major quality boosts thanks to next-gen AI models on its popular noise, traffic, wind, rustle & clipping removal tools. Ben Brownlee walks you through how easy it is to fix the most common audio issues.

Want to test out Continuum and CrumplePop? Download the Boris FX Hub to get a free trial!

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